Özteknik A.Ş.
Özteknik A.Ş.






The Company was founded by İbrahim Öztürk in 1971 to operate in the automotive industry in a small workshop which is 50 m2.


The Company has been producing various automotive parts since the day it was founded, and today, it continues its production operations with its brands in 3 main product groups (EGEROT, HYDCAB, REVOL) in a total area of 30.000 m2 for the main industry, original equipment producers, and the sub-industry spare parts market in its two facilities in İzmir.


With more than 50 years of presence in the automotive industry, the Company has been managing relations carefully to understand the needs and expectations of the business partners better. The Company has been both increasing the product variety to meet the changing demands and ensuring the continuity of supply without compromising about quality.


As Özteknik Group, by revealing our potential, we proceed in line with our vision of being a strategy-oriented power which is constantly enhancing together with all our stakeholders and providing added value to the industry and Turkey. The Company continues to provide services for automotive, agricultural machines, construction equipment and defence industries based on the mission of contributing to the development of the image of “Made in Turkey” with the products it designs and produce by operating in consideration of corporate values.

Strategy Focused Power

In the light of our vision of being a STRATEGY-FOCUSED POWER that constantly grows together
with all our stakeholders by revealing the potential within us, providing added value to the sectors in
which we operate and to our country; We have been serving in the Automotive, Agricultural
Machinery, Construction Equipment, Defense and Aviation sectors for more than 50 years with our
mission of contributing to the development of the perception of "Made in Turkey" with the products we
design and produce by operating under the guidance of our corporate values.